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Chiropractic Care for Truckers: What to Know

Chiropractic Care for Truckers 

Whether it is a local beverage delivery or a long-haul transport, truck driving is one of the hardest jobs on the human body. Although it is easy to overlook the massive toll that stacking hand trucks, securing loads or handling freight can have on your health, it is important to point out that the United States truck industry has one of the highest work injury rates. Studies show that truckers are more prone to low back pain and shoulder pain from long hours at the wheel or improper lifting. However, All truck owners and drivers can manage their injuries better and even prevent them from occurring, courtesy of chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractic care refers to a non-invasive method of therapy that manipulates body structures – especially the spine – to relieve low back pain and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Approximately 25 million Americans visit a chiropractor annually. Needless to say, for truckers, getting chiropractic services can mean the difference between a comfortable day at work and losing a career to a degenerated spinal disorder. Fortunately, more than 65,000 chiropractors have set up offices at truck stops across the country to provide truckers with quality on-site chiropractic care. Studies show that chiropractic health care is more efficient than medicine when it comes to relieving neck pain, after all.

“There is no denying that chiropractic care is advantageous,” said Jim Sebesta of Minnesota Occupational Health Physicians. “With the advent of the on-site chiropractic clinics, more truckers are taking advantage of conveniences like substituting chiropractic care with medical care and using available medical resources. What’s more, employers whose truck drivers receive on-site chiropractic attention have reported that they do not suffer any indirect costs. A driver who received medication to relieve shoulder pain may not be able to do his job efficiently owing to the effects of the drugs.”

If a trucker experiences any symptoms like shoulder pain, low back pain, knee or neck pain, they are best advised to consult a chiropractic doctor. Other than helping them examine their ergonomic risk factors, chiropractic care can help them relieve the mentioned symptoms. They do this using dietary changes, hands-on treatment and other safe techniques that do not involve the use of medicine.

Do insurance plans cover chiropractic? The answer is yes. Although chiropractic treatment is technically considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine, benefits will vary among insurance plans. These specifics include number of visits allowed, amount covered and if a referral is needed. There are some other factors that vary from one provider to the other based on states. For a listing of chiropractic providers, you can go to