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5 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

April 12, 2016
Fitness, Health and Wellness

  5 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals With the warm summer weather steadily getting closer, it is almost that time of year when many of us begin to think about trimming our bellies and getting a nice tan. Without the encroaching summer weather, however, getting fit is a goal most of us […]

How much sleep do I really need?

October 6, 2014
Health and Wellness

How much sleep do you really need? Without a doubt, sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to your health. Lack of sleep can affect the way you feel and the way your body functions. The common adage is you need 8 hours of sleep a night. But is this true? […]

Coconut oil vs Olive Oil – Which should you choose?

April 17, 2014

Cooking with Coconut Oil Vs. Olive Oil  You have been told for years that olive oil is extremely healthy for you.  It has been my go to oil for salads and cooking for quite some time now.  However, there is a growing trend when it comes to cooking, and that is to cook with coconut […]

Looking For A Meridian Chiropractic Provider In Cedar Rapids?

Are you currently looking for a Chiropractor that accepts Meridian Insurance plans? Not all Chiropractors are enrolled with the new Meridian plans, so you will want to call someone who is.  Jenkins Chiropractic is enrolled with Meridian and we are accepting new patients! You may even have Meridian and not know it.  Some patients previously […]

Two Common Exercises You Should Never Do

January 16, 2014

Two Common Gym Exercises You Should Never Do If you go to most gyms today you will find all sorts of exercise machines.  Some of these machines have not changed in over 30 years, which must mean they are time tested right?  Wrong.  Here are two of the worst exercises you can do, and also […]

If I could only take one Vitamin or Supplement

November 19, 2013

If I could only take one thing… Almost everyone these days takes some vitamin or nutritional supplement for certain reasons pertaining to their individual health.  There is certainly not a shortage of health supplements for you to spend your money on.  Numerous companies and individuals will try to persuade you as to why theirs is […]

My Go To Breakfast

November 18, 2013

My Go To Breakfast – I can already hear you complaining that you don’t have time for breakfast.  Well a healthy breakfast for the whole family can be whipped up in less than ten minutes.  Here is my secret recipe for a healthy start. 2-3 WHOLE eggs (Do not use egg whites -seriously) 1-2 Tbsp […]

Man Salads – My Go To Lunch

September 10, 2013

Man Salad- An easy but healthy way to do lunch   People often make assumptions as to what I eat being a physician who promotes health and wellness.  Well here is one of my favorite lunch recipes, and I call it a “Man Salad”.  Now it is perfectly fine or females to eat it as well, […]

Painkillers Cause Longer Recoveries

Painkillers Cause Longer Recoveries Original Article From the New York Times: Workplace insurers spend an estimated $1.4 billion annually on narcotic painkillers, or opioids. But they are also finding that the medications, if used too early in treatment, too frequently or for too long, can drive up associated disability payouts and medical expenses by delaying an employee’s return to work. […]

The “Terminator” and Chiropractic

May 9, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Lou Ferrigno Note Importance Of Chiropractic On March 5 2011, in Columbus Ohio, the sports and fitness world shared a common interest in performance with the chiropractic world. It was on this day that the Arnold Classic Sports Festival was held along side the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Sports and Fitness Symposium. […]