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Two Upper Body Exercises To Avoid

Two Upper Body Exercises To Avoid

Having big, broad shoulders is a goal for many men and women that lift regularly.  Unfortunately the shoulders are built for mobility rather than brute strenghth, which leaves them vulnerable to injuries, especially if you abuse them.  Here are two upper body exercises to avoid that are commonly used to work the shoulder.

Behind the Head Military Press

Honestly I can’t believe I still see this at the gym, but unfortunately I do.  There is absolutely no reason to do this lift.  This exercise neck places large amounts of stress on the front of the shoulder joint.  Your shoulder is not a joint that you want to injure, and that is eventually what will happen if you keep doing this exercise.  You also risk banging the bar on your head while bring the bar down, which will not only hurt, but make you look like you have no idea what you are doing in the gym. You can work the exact same muscles (more efficiently), by simply letting the bar come down in front of your head and rest on your chest.



Upright Row

I admit, I used to do this lift all time.  According to the old bodybuilding magazines, you had to include this lift if you wanted to grow big shoulders.  Well we know know not only is this not true, but it is also dangerous advice.  This lift forces your shoulder into internal rotation, causing your humerus to bang up against the AC joint.  Combined with weight, this can compress the nerves in the shoulder region and damage the cartilage in your AC joint.  Over time, this can lead to arthritis, which can cause you a lifetime of pain.  Stick to dumbbell or barbell presses as mass builders for your shoulders, and add in front and lateral raises for extra work.