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Local Resources

Trusted Medical and Therapeutic Providers in Cedar Rapids, IA

Are you looking for other great local service providers?  Included on this page are people in the community that we know and trust. If you know someone that might be a good addition to this page, please let us know and we will add them to the list!

Medical Doctors:

Logo of Piper Family MedicinePiper Family Medicine – Dr. Scott Piper

Dr. Scott Piper is a great family doctor.  He practices independently which allows him to take time with his patients.  He also respects the individual health choices each patient makes for themselves and their families.



Katherine Hopper, M.D. – Family Medicine Specialist, P.C.

Dr. Hopper is another great family doctor. She works within Family Medicine Specialists. She delivered our second child, and can deliver in both area hospitals.


Doula Services:

Doulas Services Cedar Rapids

Northeast Iowa Doulas-

Northeast Iowa Doulas is Iowa’s premier professional doula agency, providing labor/postpartum doulas, childbirth education & more to new and expecting families in Eastern Iowa. Whether you are planning ahead for a family, just found out you’re pregnant, days away from your due date, or several weeks into new parenthood, Northeast Iowa Doulas has something for you.


Massage Therapists:

Breathing Space MassageBreathing Space Studio and Spa – Lisa Thomas, LMT, LE





CR Power of Touch – Sarah Thoeming, LMT



Veterinary Chiropractor / Acupuncturist:

Local resource animal chiropractor
Veterinary chiropractor

Veterinary Integrative Performance Services – Dr.Christine Woodford

Dr. Woodford  provides chiropractic and acupuncture care to horses and dogs. This can help reduce the pain from overuse injuries common in athletic animals and often can prevent pain from recurring. She can also help your animal by reducing the development of pain from chronic conditions like arthritis and joint pain in the neck, back, hips or limbs.