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Nothing Speaks better about Chiropractic than success stories from patients. Here are some of the chiropractic testimonials that our patients have provided.  If you have one you would like to add please let us know, it is greatly appreciated!  Not everyone knows what chiropractic can do, but thanks to our patients, they are finding out.




chiropractic testimonials“I came in with pain in my mid back that felt like someone was stabbing me. It even hurt when I would breathe. Dr. Jenkins told me I had a “subluxated rib” that was causing the pain, and that he had seen this numerous times. He adjusted me and then applied E-Stim and shortly after the pain was gone.”

-J.G. Cedar Rapids, IA

“I came to see Dr. Jenkins as a last resort. I even told him that a Chiropractic office was the last
place I wanted be. Working in the medical field, I didn’t believe in Chiropractic, but I didn’t
know what else to try. I had been dealing with low back pain for over a year. Not long after
starting treatment the pain was gone, and I no longer doubt Chiropractic.”

-S.R., Cedar Rapids

“Dr. Jenkins is very professional chiropractor. I take our entire family in every month. The kids
really enjoy getting adjusted.”

-A.J., Cedar Rapids

“I had headaches almost daily prior to receiving chiropractic care. Now, I barely have any
headaches, it really has helped.”

-T.K., Robins

“Due to my active lifestyle, I have frequent issues with my neck and back.Dr. Jenkins does a great job treating my problems and sending me away feeling 100% better. He’s also done a great job helping my 4 month old son since he was born. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone seeking chiropractic care. Him and his staff are a class act, and my quality of life has improved greatly since I began visiting his office over a year ago.”

-E.S. Marion, IA

“I am an ex collegiate football player, have been doing powerlifting since highschool, and have worked construction my entire life. This takes a toll on the body, but since I’ve started getting adjusted regularly at Jenkins Chiropractic my back has never felt better.”

-G.M. Marion, IA

“I started dancing at the age of three, and dance competitively at the University of Iowa , and then for 2 years for the Arena Football League. All the jerking head movements caused me to have a lot of neck issues. Getting adjusted helps so much, I don’t know what I would do without Chiropractic care.”

-J. L. Cedar Rapids, IA

“My neck pain disappeared after the very first adjustment, I couldn’t believe it. It hasn’t came back either.”

-L.C. Cedar Rapids, IA

“I had been dealing with low back pain on one side of my low back for 2 years. I had seen multiple doctors who had been NO help. They didn’t even mention that Chiropractic could help. After one week at Jenkins Chiropractic it was gone. I don’t understand why not a single medical doctor told me to go see a Chiropractor.”

-M .F. Hiawatha, IA